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Central was established in 2009 but her story began a few years earlier. In 2005, we were originally known as C&W Cores. We continue to build our values around our orignial company foundation. We believe in integrity, honesty, and respect.

In 2005, John Wayne Bolton was collecting metal in Thomasville, NC. While driving down Kennedy Road, he noticed some land with a large pile of metal. John asked the neighbors if they knew the owner of the property and quickly made connections. Little did John know, this one connection would forever change his life.

When John spoke to the land owner, he was granted permission to clear the land. While working, he noticed that this was going to become a large “Job” and offered to rent the land. This was the beginning of it all! C&W Cores was born. John began buying, processing, and selling metal.

In 2006, C&W Cores operated solely on estimated metal weights. John knew he needed scales but it wasn’t the right time financially for the company to invest. He prayed that something would come along and sure enough John received a call for a quote on a new jobsite cleanup. As John met with the new vender, he asked, “Sir, what do you need cleaned up around here, it looks clean to me!” He said, “You’re standing on it John. I need you to figure out how to get these roll on ground scales out of here and fill in the hole.” John’s prayers were answered! C&W Cores acquired their first set of roll-on scales. God is so good!

In the coming years, C&W Cores hired several employees, opened 7 satellite locations, bought a grappler crane, a magnet crane, 2 trucks for hauling metal and serviced an average of 200 customers a day. Life was good! But then the housing market crashed in 2008, which also impacted the metal market. We had to lay off most of our yard staff, close 6 satellite locations, and the worst was to come. Our in house accountant had embezzled up to $500,000 from our company and left C&W Cores devastated emotionally and financially.

In 2009, a major metal mill vendor offered to become partners. We decided to move forward together to restructure and rename C&W Cores to its current name today, Central Recycling, LLC. This decision allowed us to continue operating during the recession.

In 2013, John bought out the other partners of Central Recycling, LLC and is now the single owner. He strives to continue core values, building a stronger organizational structure, brand, and company image. He plans to continue investing and growing his company. In conclusion, Central Recycling, LLC started as a very small company and grew into something bigger. We strive for greatness and will continue to be superior than we were yesterday through integrity, respect and quality customer service.

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